Monday, December 5, 2011

Vintage Magazine Covers -- House & Garden

A valuable source of period garden design ideas are gardening magazines, books, catalogs and photographs--especially the old ones. Although I'm particularly fond of (and collect) 19th Century publications because they provide a peak into what was going on in the lives of gardeners and farmers back then, it's the covers of early 20th Century home and garden magazines that I find really intriguing right now.

Love the illustrations on these WWI-era House&Garden magazine covers. It's all about the art.  No slamming captions or headlines or anything.  Everything that needs to be said is portrayed in the illustration, i.e., a picture is worth a thousand words.

 Or in this case, sighs.

Also love the Art Deco effects of later issues.  Notice how the typefaces have changed in an effort to stay "up-to-date" for readers.  No matter how many times they changed the typeface, House&Garden magazine covers in the 'teens a century ago are the ones that I find most comforting and interesting.


  1. I like the balcony cover. Reminds me of Italy

    - Ashley

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